Lembeh Photo Workshops 2022 dates. We’re getting a few enquiries about our photo workshops in Lembeh going forward (pending being able to get a visa). Here is a list of the talented photographer led workshops that we’re hosting at NAD-Lembeh in the coming year. Please contact us or the Workshop organisers directly in the links below:

18 July 2022 – 30 July 2022Underwater Tribe Workshop
22 Sept 2022 – 1st October 2022Bluewater Travel Workshop
09 Oct 2022 – 14 October 2022Duxy’s Photo Workshop
01 Dec – 10 December 2022Reef Photo Video Workshop
18 Dec – 20 January 2023Hugycup







Lembeh Photo Workshops are an excellent way to dive the Lembeh Strait and also pick up some tips and tricks from experienced professional photographers.

NAD-Lembeh Camera Room
Our Camera Room is an ideal space for hosting workshops in the Lembeh Strait.