The Month of May saw a few staff in and one out for us.

We welcomed our old guide Aso back (he’s still bald), along with trying out frequent guest Mood as a Guest Relations Officer.  2 new girls in the Restaurant – Endang and Emelda.  Endang and Emelda both speak quite good English take care of the rooms and housekeeping if they are not helping in the restaurant. They also give great massages, along with a couple of our strong girls from the kitchen.  Please ask Linda about that if you are interested during your stay.

Sadly, however, we had to move Mood on, so the guests who were greeted by him at NAD will be able to catch up with him on facebook in the mean time.  We wish Mood the best of luck in the future.

On to brighter news, Bella is now 2! We took her on the trip to Hong Kong to get Simon’s second child (his new video camera housing) and managed to spend some time at Hong Kong Disneyland.  it was a lot of fun for Bella, and Simon loved the carousel as you can see.  We don’t recommend the park to thrill seekers, but for those with young kids it is very easy to get to from the city and pretty cheap too.  Top Tip: after about 3pm most of the queues are very short so plan to be there for the afternoon.

Simon and Bella

Simon and Bella

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