Exploring the Highlands of North Sulawesi

The spectacular critters and diving is what brings most people to the muck capital Lembeh. Often overlooked is the fact that the highlands of North Sulawesi are rich in culture and art. Whenever you need a break from diving or if you are just curious to learn something about the heritages of North Sulawesi, I’d highly recommend to go on a day trip with us.

East of Lembeh Gallery


Shrimp Fish

Shrimp Fish

Today we took probably our last trip of the season to the other side of Lembeh.  The south wind has started, so expect cool water in the Strait in the next month or so.
On the first dive we hit a small Pinnacle with perfect timing with regards to current.  We had tricky vis on some of the sites, but had a super time with beautiful corals, Sharks and Rays and of course, macro critters!
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