Super Tiny Nudibranch – kuro

A few weeks ago I started looking for this Nudi, and it is by no means a new critter, but it is a fun one to look for.  It has taken me a few weeks to start posting due to a couple of reasons, a visit to Malaysia for a week, and a hard drive crash which made all my data unavailable on my drive (thanks to ‘Data Rescue 3’ i got almost every file back).
So, onto the Nudibranch, there are 2 in this photo:

Spot the 2 Nudi's on this Halimeda!  That is my fingerprint in the background.

Spot the 2 Nudi’s on this Halimeda! That is my fingerprint in the background.


TK delivers!

Whenever you visit the same dive area several times, some dive sites seem to consistently deliver more than others, and, correspondingly, some less than you would wish. Here in Lembeh my favorites are the Aer Bajo sites and Hairball, where many uneventful starts of dives have been turned around to Read more…

Soft Coral Munchers

As Phyllodensium Nudibranchs are uncommon, bizarre and attractive at the same time, they always make a good Blog post. Specially when they are found in numbers. Having blogged some weeks ago already about the Solar powered Nudibranch, it’s today the turn of the Kabira Phyllodensium (Phyllodensium kabiranum). As they are Read more…