Shrimp Gobies!

Shrimp gobies and their goby shrimp are quite common in Lembeh, and hundreds of variations can be found throughout Indonesia. If you take the time to slowly creep up on them they are fascinating to watch. The gobies act as a lookout, warning the shrimp of any danger with twitches Read more…

Back In Lembeh!

After leaving in mid-May to spend some time quality time with the big pelagics in Mexico, Costa Rica, and the U.S., I’m back to stay for a while at NAD. After embarking on my open-ended trip to Indonesia last August, I spent eight of the past twelve months split between Read more…

Which Type of Camera for Super Macro (Part 2)

Following on from my previous post, my intention was to make a small post with the pictures and the correct camera.  However it seems the post reached further than expected and has been receiving some healthy feedback.
To clarify, this was never meant to be an absolute, definitive review on the best super macro technique, as everyone has their own favourite.  It is meant as a comparison for shooting more than lifesize with various systems for someone who is choosing a new camera rig.

The 4 different camera setups.

The 4 different camera setups.

There is full frame, crop frame, mirroless and compact, the cameras could be any brand, but I happen to have those listed.  The Nikon D800 is a formidable camera for macro due to its huge pixel count, but not one that I own.
For my terminology, I am using the term super macro to describe a shot where the whole of the picture represents greater than lifesize in 35mm format terms, ie the width of the picture area was 35mm or less.   The Canon S110 just about scrapes through with 1 subsee +10.
Hairy Shrimp in Lembeh

Hairy Shrimp in Lembeh, shot with Canon 5Dmk3 and Subsee +10