Happy Easter from NAD Lembeh

Happy Easter 2017 to all of you! Instead of the Easter Rabbit with white, fluffy ears, we’ve had a little tarsier visiting us. Not sure if he was hiding eggs though?
Tarsiers are small primates, about 10 to 15 cm in size which only live on some islands in Southeast Asia. The enormous eyeballs give the Tarsier a quite unique look: they can be up to 16 mm in diameter and help them hunt for prey and watch out for predators. During the day, Tarsiers rest clinging onto tree branches whereas at night time, they use their powerful hind legs and tail to leap to another branch and catch insects or smaller vertebrates.

Tarsier Visit

We had a nice surprise tonight over dinner when a huge group of Spectral Tarsier (Tarsius tarsier) came over the restaurant and made cacophony of noise, probably caused by a snake in the tree that grows through our Restaurant building.  Tarsier groups are quite commonly heard in our resort area, Read more…

Tangkoko Tour

Visiting Tangkoko National Park is a fun way to spend an afternoon when staying in Lembeh. The highlight is obviously the Tarsier, a minute primate that loves to eat grasshoppers and nocturnal insects, Tangkoko is famous for it’s Tarsiers and Black Macaques, but you have to go earlier to see Read more…