Worried about baggage allowance? Ditch these items and borrow/use ours:

Airlines are getting strict with baggage allowance, so here are a few tips to save some weight on things we can supply you with:

  1. Power adaptors – Our camera room and rooms have an abundance of multi-sockets that take any kind of socket in the world (except South African mega-plugs). Save weight on adapters and power strips by leaving them at home. We run on 220v.
  2. Shampoo and Showergel – We provide shampoo and showergel in the rooms, refreshed everyday. If you are particular about your shampoo we can collect Pantene etc in town for you, and its cheaper than in your home country for sure.
  3. Towels – we have a lot.
  4. Shoes – you won’t likely wear them!
  5. Smart clothes – were a diving resort, you can get away with 1 T-Shirt and Shorts per week! And we have laundry service for your clothes for the flight home.
  6. Battery Chargers – we have a lot of AA chargers in our camera room, and people often leave them behind. We probably can’t provide for everyone at the same time, but you could ask ahead of time.
  7. USB charging bricks and tools – Each camera station has 10x 5v USB sockets. 18650 battery chargers – again we have a lot on site. Generic Allen (hex) keys are in the camera room.
  8. Sun Cream and mosquito repellent – we have lots of local stuff, and guests always leave some.
  9. Snacks – If the Chef’s aren’t feeding you enough then we really do have a problem! Plus you have a snack basket in your room, for free!
  10. Indonesian Rupiah – we take any major currency for bills or staff tips, so you don’t need to fill up your wallet with local currency.

Do bring:

  • If you are considered unusually large or small, please bring your own fins / booties and wetsuit, or let us know way ahead of time. We can’t guarantee to provide for every shape and size though. Our rental fins are full foot fins, not with booties. Remember Indonesian suppliers generally only cater to their own market – huge booties and fins are hard to come by.
  • Your own mask, in your hand carry. Our rental masks are a selection of different masks we tried – so they are all of good quality and various shapes and sizes but your own mask is always the best. Put it in your carry-on in case your bags take a detour on the way. Everything else you can borrow, but your own mask is essential especially if you have prescription lenses.

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