So here is the first instalment by the brand new guest blogger at NAD! My name is Bent Christensen, an avid underwater photographer visiting Lembeh for the fourth time in two years, and already planning my next trip! On my day job I teach ecology at a swedish university and run a small media company focused on coral reef and rainforest ecology, guaranteeing me trips to exciting and warm places when my home in Sweden closes down in darkness, snow and temperatures way below zero.
What is around right now in Lembeh then? As always when coming here, something new is showing up. Currently a lot of nudibranchs, many of them small, are around right now. Even the excellent guides seem to be somewhat uncertain on the name of some of them, and that is a feat considering the thousands of dives the guides have done here in the strait. There is also a lot of baby frogfish now, with around five to ten being spotted on each dive to day. The blue-ring season got a jump start yesterday, with three different blue-rings seen on one dive. Flamboyants are around, both big adults and some coming right from the egg. Mimics and wunderpus are seen, but that more or less would be expected, as are pygmies of different kinds, devilfish, xeno crabs, pom pom boxer crabs, stargazers and all the other usual suspects rare most places but quite easily seen here.

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