Sakae's 1000 dives

The day before yesterday our many times repeater guest Sakae went diving on Makawide 2 … for her it was dive number 1000 in her Logbook – yes she still logs every dive and writes down all the species she is seeing. Specially Gobies … her absolute favourite fish. Her husband Jon had informed us beforehand so we went down prepared: With laminated Pages with the numbers 1, 0, 0 and 0. And with coloured – very unprofessional – Goby drawings. And also with a laminated SSI Platinum Diver Certification (logged 1000 Dives or more), that we had prepared and registered before the dive. It was a great suprise for her when Simon called her over to show her something in the sand – just to pull out that certification card, that he had hidden there before. Anyway: Congratulations Sakae. May the Goby force be with you for all the dives you will still do.