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It’s on!  The Third Annual Underwater Tribe/NAD Lembeh Photo Workshop started today with a bang!  All of our guests arrived by the 18th and after a nice dinner we gathered upstairs in the NAD Lounge in order to present the schedule of the week, introduce ourselves, and enjoy a beautiful slideshow from Serge, the manager of NAD Lembeh Resort.  On the morning of the 19th, we headed out early with the gang to start the first of 17 scheduled dives in the always fruitful Lembeh Strait.  With a dive guide for every 2 divers we are very fortunate to be diving with NAD as they are one of the only dive centres in the world to offer such a great ratio.  With the weird and wonderful critters to be found in Lembeh, having lots of dive guides accompanying us is a great way for all of our participants to get the most of their experience here.  It didn’t take long for the full effect of this wonderful ratio to take effect as the critter list from our first day of diving is long!  Tozuma shrimp, harlequin shrimp, frogfish of every hue and colour, lemon gobies, spiny devilfish, melibe nudibranch, and a great encounter with a blue ring octopus.
Luca and Steve
On the educational side of things the first day of our workshops are always dedicated to working out proper strobe positioning and we spend a lot of time underwater working one on one with the students to perfect their techniques.  In the classroom, we broke down the basics of f-stops and shutter speeds and spent a few hours working one to one with everyone about Lightroom techniques.
Tomorrow we head out on an octopus hunt!  More updates from Lembeh soon