Lembeh vs Anilao Shootout 2020

NAD Needs YOU!

Would you like to participate in a fun and friendly shootout between Lembeh and our arch nemesis, Anilao?!

Well in December 2020 you can! Join us between 8 to 15 December 2020 to duel it out with our friends and peers from Solitude Lembeh & Anilao, and Aiyanar Beach Resort. We have blocked out the resort from 4th – 15th to allow participants to take an extra couple of days beforehand to get acclimated to the time zone, practise and get some tips from the staff, Simon and Serge.


Simon and Serge
Simon and Serge at BOOT 2020

Team Captain: Serge Abourjeily.

At the time of inception, we were hearing heavyweight names being thrown around for who should captain the teams for the Lembeh-Anilao Shootout… However we wanted someone who represents what NAD stands for, so we immediately thought of our old manager Serge. Those of you that have dived with Serge before know that he has a no-nonsense approach to photography, but also has a keen knowledge of various techniques that might help you to win.

The other plus for Serge is his fluency in local dialects from his 7 years in the Lembeh Strait, because, well to be honest the other half of his job is not just inspiring the photographers – it’s inspiring the diveguides and getting the best out of them. One should also remember that the Captain also has to ensure that wildlife is not harassed, and with Serge coming from the dive operations side of the industry he has a keen eye for an unnatural photograph which will prevent the participants from wasting a submission on a shot that doesn’t quite look right.

Assistant Chief Helper: Simon Buxton

Simon will help Serge out with presentations and general tips for those of you who want to try something different during the shootout, Simon and Serge have always argued when they jointly judge a photo competition, so he will provide a balance to what Serge thinks is a good photograph! Simon has won various competitions in his younger years and has also been on various judging panels for underwater photography competitions over the years.

Simon Buxton


2020/12/08 20:12:40

General Schedule

The proposed format is the following, we may tweak it a litle bit as time passes but the basic concept will remain the same:


Arrival and Orientation day.

We hope you’re already arrived and already practising by this point, but if not this is the last day you can arrive to participate in the competition.

Evening Briefing / Lecture in the bar with a cocktail about how the event will be organised and general meet and greet amongst the team, staff and captains.

Please remember to set your camera up and take a test shot a few weeks before you arrive at NAD!


First Diving Day.

Practise skills and techniques and just generally have fun. Share you subjects, be NICE to your buddies! Lunch followed by mini lecture in camera room. Afternoon dive also followed by practical presentation. Night Dive possible then dinner.

ZzzZzz you should be sleepy by now! Early start tomorrow…


First Competition Day.

Set Cameras to a random date decreed by the Overlords at Wetpixel and head out diving.

Wetpixel staff will be ferreting around to make sure that everything runs smoothly and the teams are playing fairly.

Team meetings after lunch and ideas for what to shoot in the afternoon.

Evening edit and submit images to wetpixel staff for upload to the cloud.


Second Practise Day.

Remember to reset your Camera Date!

New subject focus – go out and practise techniques for tomorrow’s competition day on the same subjects. Again, be nice to your buddies and share knowledge and subjects!

Use these practise days to experiment and if you get a great shot you can still use it for another competition.


2nd Competition Day – Wake early and feed off the enthusiasm of the team.

Everyone will be eager to go out and collect nice clean images. Return to our favourite subjects from the practise day and get the perfect shots.

More team briefings and then evening uploads to the clouds for judging.


Practise Day 3.

New set of subjects, same old groundhog day.  Find subjects and practise shooting them all day, relax a little in the eveing as there are no uploads to do today. Beware of napping in the communal areas as you WILL get your toenails painted!

Evening Review of images from the team and ideas of what to shoot for the follwing day.


Shooting Day 3!

By now you’re a pro at this, put the agreed date in your camera and go shoot! This might be the last day for some of you, so only images from the morning will count for the competition.

Uploads in the afternoon / evening.


Personal Day / Departure Day.

For those that need to get home, today is the day you can escape the madness.  We hope you can stay longer though.

Time to relax and have fun.  Revisit images you were not happy with and attempt to reshoot in the morning. Of course today everything will work out perfectly and you’ll get your best shots! Evening BBQ and a few beverages in the camera room.

Pricing Example

7N/17 Day Boat Dives Nitrox:





Email us for details! Price includes Return Airport Transfer!

Single Suppliment will be set at $75 per night to prevent rooms being booked out.

Are you Ready?

If you’d like to join contact us via the contact form in the top right corner.

House Rules

We are making addition rules to complement our usual environmental house diving rules for teh duration of the Lembeh – Anilao Shootout.

  • Be Kind to the Environment.
  • No full gloves (fingerless subject to management discretion).
  • Share Ideas and Subjects.
  • Be nice to your diveguides.

The winning images will be a combination of luck, timing and skill. They will not be created by cheating to balance an animal on an unnatural background.  Likewise we usually say take 5 pictures of a rare animal and then pass the subject to your buddy.

We appreciate this is a competition, so you might need a few more attempts than this, but the key here is to be ‘professional’ and have your camera set up properly before arriving at the subject, make minimal impact on the subject and then let someone else have a go.

We will run a warning system for obnoxious behaviour. 1 warning for the first time this behaviour is witnessed, if we see it again then we will present you with a refund for the unused portion of your stay and you will be dropped off at the dock!

NAD-Lembeh Resort Location Private Bay