NAD Lembeh Resort  presents a new Underwater Photography Workshop for 2015, with underwater photojournalists Stephen Wong & Takako Uno ( & ). Stephen & Takako are both passionate marine wildlife photojournalists and have a string of achievements, including finding new species.  They are also really fun people who deeply enjoy the marine environment.

The Workshop will include:-

  • How to fin & dive in Muck, Ethics of an UW Photographer; and
  • The usually boring but necessary stuff:
    • Fundamentals of UW Photography,
    • Balance of Light, PhotoShop,
    • Macro & Wide Angle with Strobes and Natural Light; and
  • The more interesting stuff:
    • Fish & Critter Identification,
    • Acknowledging the Habitat & Finding Subject,
    • Shooting Benthic & Mid-water Animals,
    • Shooting Behaviors,
    • Photographing Goby & Nudibranch

Important Info:

7Nights / 17 Day boat dives package:  $1248 USD per person based on double occupancy.

Includes Airport Transfers, Air fills, Meals and Tea / Coffee Etc.


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