Sam and Bella are our onsite management team. They are both excellent instructors and passionate underwater photographers, as well as enthusiasts for a clean ocean environment however their day to day work roles are slightly different:

Sam and Bella

Sam, originally from York, England; has spent much of his life living abroad. He is a PADI Master Instructor having spent time working in various countries around the Red Sea, Mediterranean, South Pacific and South East Asia. A strong advocate for the marine environment, Sam has lots of experience in different ocean conservation activities around South East Asia. He is in charge of the diveteam and maintenance at the resort. Sam is an avid photographer and will be out diving most days taking pictures and socializing with the guests.

Bella, originally from Mariestad, Sweden is in charge of the bookings, billings and check-ins. She is a PADI Specialty Instructor with hundreds of certifications under her belt. She is the friendly person who will be responding to your enquiries at the time of bookings and manages our check-in and billings team of Opit and Jackson. She gets out diving between emails and takes as many pictures as she can.


Berty is a local family man, and our local manager at the resort. He takes care of staff issues and is our friendly face in the office for when our guests need some help with any problems they may have. From arranging visa extensions to picking up some extra toothpaste or the special shampoo you need Berty is the man! He is also an avid gardener so when not busy with the office you may find him in the garden organizing the team with a new project. Berty is gracefully assisted by Nur and Chynthia in the office.